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You have a

Smart, creative, ambitious

student at home

Invite them to connect with a community of like-minded students that’s creating the next generation of learning material: Memes, illustration and other modern forms of storytelling.

How it works
  1. We’ll post several topics from your student’s curriculum several times a week. Your student will be supported with relevant material and resources on the topic.
  2. Your student will be asked to meme that topic using guidance distilled from top teachers on Antimatter. Their meme will be turned into a multiple choice quiz question.
  3. Students around the world will do your student’s meme puzzles. The more students who do your student’s puzzles, the more they level up.
What to expect
  • Antimatter moderates all content that goes up and hold everyone the community guidelines.
  • You’ll receive weekly reports on your student’s activity and triumphs, along with certificates your student has earned.
Who we are

Antimatter’s mission is to bridge the gap between how students learn in the classroom and how we all learn in the real world.

We got our start helping teachers to run meme creation activities in the classroom for formative assessment. Teachers have been inviting their students to make memes long before Antimatter because memes aren’t mere gags; they’re puzzling, short stories.

Learn more about how teachers use Antimatter in the classroom and discover the amazing creations from our community of students and teachers around the world.

You could also visit communities like r/physicsmemes on Reddit and @historymemes_explained on Instagram that have grown to help millions of people learn from their peers.


Meme templates are prototypes for stories

Creativity & ingenuity

Every learner is fluent in memes

content Knowledge

Creation and evaluation as a means for learning

Antimatter Universe

We empower students to:

  1. Teach and learn from one another
  2. Build community leadership skills
  3. Stand out from the crowd when it comes time to apply for college
Universe CertificateUniverse Certificate

At your discretion, we also offer students the opportunity to earn rewards in Robux, Minecraft tokens, or Amazon Gift Cards for their contributions to the community. We believe that earning rewards not only helps to develop entrepreneurial skills, but awards creators with the value they’ve, well, created.

Antimatter is free to use, but creators must be enrolled in our Creator Program for $9.99/month.

The pilot program for Antimatter Universe begins May 1, 2024

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