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asks the right questions

Differentiated for every learner, encouraging to all

Let’s start with the basics.

In trying to master a subject, you’ve occasionally turned to ChatGPT. It doesn’t feel like learning, though, does it?

No it doesn’t. I’m looking for something that can assess what I know and help me with what I don’t know.

Your mastery score increased by 30

Sorcerer can help, and it’s even better when you invite everyone you’re studying with.

Antimatter for Educators

Classroom Activities

Invite your students to collaborate on memes, puzzles and very modern media


Students quiz each other on the memes they made


Create memes from a single prompt on a shared canvas

New Phone Who Dis

Create a text thread between two characters or ideas

You’ve never seen formative assessment quite like this

Antimatter for geniuses
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The world’s best

The very best memegen and collage maker on the iPhone

The Antimatter community is rewriting the canon


Students on Antimatter have been busy. Here are the Memes of the Week.

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