Antimatter certifications

Are you interested in learning more about how to use memes for student learning? Or how to use AI to provide differentiated instruction? Here’s your chance to not only learn more about these topics but also to tell the world you’re learning and growing as an educator.

Course length

5 minutes

Who this is for
  • Teachers
  • Instructional coaches
  • Educational technologists
  • Education professionals
What you’ll receive
  • Certificate
  • Shareables for social media

Memes for Learning

Learn more about why memes are a great learning device hiding in plain sight, the origin of the term ‘meme’, and how you can use Antimatter meme activities for formative assessment.


Differentiated Instruction via AI

Learn more about Bloom’s 2 Sigma problem, what makes Sorcerer different from all other AI’s, and how to give your students an invaluable instructional coach.