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The tippy top of Bloom’s Taxonomy made expedient

Why memes?

Memes are the shortest form of storytelling that humans have yet invented.

It’s the tippy top of Bloom’s Taxonomy made expedient, which is why there’s no underestimating how influential memes are in shaping the lives of anyone growing up today.

Teachers often use memes as bell ringers, but that’s just scratching the surface. The reason that almost every subject matter has a meme community on the internet with membership in the tens to hundreds of thousands of people isn’t because they’re merely funny internet gags.

It’s because they’re social puzzles and incredible learning devices hiding in plain sight.

For every learning journey: Puzzles and people





“To start this semester for my seniors in composition, I did a variation of a rhetoric and the zombie apocalypse from Georgia Public Broadcasting. Students took on the role of would-be survivors, and they had to argue their case as to why they should have access to a cure. At the conclusion ​​of that event, I asked students to make memes imagining how zombies would use rhetoric.”

- Thomas Klett

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“The results never failed to impress me in terms of my students’ creativity and acumen—I’d often have students who expressed their understanding of the subject matter better through memes than any other medium. Beyond the memes that the students produced, but also in the conversations they were having. Their interactions were meaningful in terms of class content, exuded positive morale and community, and infused the classroom with cultural relevance.”

– Matthew Blackman

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Social Studies

“I was so happy with the results that I shared Antimatter with the rest of my Social Studies department and we all use it now. The best thing I can say about Antimatter is that it really created a conducive environment for my students to express their ideas, thoughts, and knowledge in a fun and collaborative way. It also doesn’t hurt that because every one of my students’ memes was in one place, it made grading a breeze! I can’t say enough about Antimatter that has made using memes in the classroom so accessible and easy to use.”

- Jackson Grant

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  • Why is Antimatter free?

    We will eventually introduce paid products for students and learners outside the classroom, as well as an enterprise product. Nothing in the future is guaranteed, but we can relay that we'll be pursuing two other business models before we'd ever consider charging educators in school. We believe it should be free for schools.

  • How do my students memes get on Antimatter Discover?

    Once your activity is completed, our team contacts you to let you know that your students’ memes got selected to be celebrated on Discover. For Trust and Safety reasons, we do not display any individual student name/username information.

  • How does it work?

    Once you sign up, you'll be able to set up an activity to share with your classroom. Once you've selected an activity, you can set up a deadline, add instructions, and invite your students via an invite link. You can also duplicate your activity for each of your classrooms.

  • What kind of moderation tools do you offer?

    With our admin tools, you can easily delete any memes that violate your classroom rules or activity instructions. You can also move any of your students to a “view only” mode so they can't add anything to the activity.

  • Do I need to worry about meme templates that would be inappropriate for my classroom?

    Nope. Our team approves every meme template that goes up on Antimatter, and we never approve any templates that would be inappropriate for any age group.

  • Can students just steal memes from the internet?

    They could, but we alert the teacher whenever an image is uploaded to Antimatter without any edits so you can ask the student to try again.

  • Can students use ChatGPT or another AI to cheat with their meme submission?

    While it is technically possible for students to use AI to ask about meme ideas, we've yet to come across an AI that can produce a half-decent meme.

  • Does Antimatter integrate with other platforms?

    Not at this time. If you have a suggestion or an idea for an integration that would make it easier for you as an educator, we would love to hear from you.


New to learning memes?
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Who we are

We founded Antimatter when we discovered that tens of thousands of teachers across the world were asking their students to make memes for formative assessment.

They were cobbling together random memegens from around the internet and asking students to upload them privately. Blech!

We’ve built a suite of meme-based activities with educators like yourself, and we’ve made it free for educators. Forever.

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What we ask

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  • Lead webinars or PD sessions at your school or conferences
  • Share your Antimatter lesson templates with other teachers
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What we offer

  • Unlimited support and training from Antimatter team
  • Exclusive meme sticker swag for your classrooms
  • Support for hosting workshops or conferences in your school or region
  • First look at Antimatter features before release
  • Extra perks and lots of fun collaborating with a national team across U.S.!