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Empower your student to teach the world

With a parent account you can follow your student’s progress and sign them up for Antimatter+ so they can earn rewards for their creations.

What parents are saying

My son is is very smart and charismatic. He’s not a test taker. I don’t claim to really understand memes but I can see clearly from his memes that he’s been listening in class!

The funny thing is that this has turned my son’s most challenging quality on its head. He gets in trouble in school for attention-seeking and on Universe his attention-seeking helps him succeed.

I definitely didn’t have my son teaching other kids through memes on my bingo card but as a parent it’s thrilling to see.

Greta Fox

Greta Fox

I’ve explored plenty of kids enrichment type apps. They’re usually either enriching but dry enough that my kids don’t like them, or they’re gamified enough that they were clearly made for parents to kill kids’ time, which is not what I want.

What drew me to Antimater Universe is that my kid is teaching. He lights up when he sees that other kids are taking meme quizzes he’s made.

On top of all that he’s actually learning how to make a dollar and gets to add something unique to his burgeoning resume.

Greta Fox

Liz Berger

About Antimatter

Antimatter’s mission is to bridge the gap between how students learn in the classroom and how we all learn in the real world.

We got our start helping teachers to run meme creation activities and use an AI instructional coach in the classroom for formative assessment.

Universe brings the Antimatter experience directly to students and empowers them to teach the world about they know.

For everyone

Universe is free to use. Students on Universe create memes and solve puzzles to get ₳ntimatter.

The experience is designed for students between the ages of 10 and 18, but it’s open to everyone around the world.

Support kids in helping them:

  1. Become a leader in a global online community
  2. Learn how to succeed online
  3. Stand out from the crowd when it comes time to apply for college

Students on Antimatter+ accounts receive these unique benefits:

  1. Contributors earn real-world rewards in the form of gift cards
  2. Students can earn more than the subscription price by inviting friends and peers to solve their meme puzzles
  3. Access to subscribers-only Discord to lead the community in choosing the topics for daily puzzles

Antimatter+ is $9.99/month with a 30-day money back guarantee

Antimatter bridges the gap between learning in the classroom and learning in the real world