Classroom Activities

Teach and learn through memes

Because you really have to learn the subject matter to tell a good story


A suite of classroom activities

Challenge students to create puzzles or tell stories through memes

Formative assessment
never looked so good

Meet in the lobby

Invite your students via link or join code.

They’ll wait in the lobby and review the instrucitions until you’re ready

Creator View

Simple but powerful creation tools with new templates and images everyday

Administrator View

A view just for you to moderate and manage the activity

We know that the hardest of administering a classroom is the coordination, which is why we enable you to:

  • Moderate everything
  • Easily organize your students into groups
  • Select which creations you want to feature for discussion

Presenter view

A view to put up on the big screen so students can follow along while creating

Classroom Discussion

Move one-by-one through the creations and discuss as a class

Our activities are designed first and foremost to foster discussion

color noise
3 unique ways to engage your students

The Activities


Create memes on a
shared canvas

Meme Quiz

meme quiz

Which prompt describes this meme?

Revolt of 1934
Pomodoro Papers
Spaghetti Western Powers
Huge Sea Monster

More than just memes — they’re puzzles

New Phone Who Dis

Create a chat between two
characters or ideas

Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius



What is the deal with you and Cleopatra?
You failed the Roman empire why?
No I didn’t!
I brought peace and prosperity and you brought it down.
You must be confusing me with Caligula
No the Pax Roma ended with you
My reign was as peaceful as it could be with a plauge and a few wars
We had no wars until you became emperor
Well we won every war. How many did you win? Oh wait! NONE!
But we had peace which you never did.
Well we did have a PLAGUE!
You could have stopped it or at least contained it.

New Phone Who Dis

Create a chat between two
characters or ideas


Real memes created by real students around the world


World History


US History

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