Standards 1-4 Part A
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Standards 1-4 Part A
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Political philosophers whose ideas were used in the Constitution
Theories of Hobbes & Locke
Montesquieu's influence on the Constitution
English Documents that influenced American Government
Main ideas taken from the English docments
Benefits of Limited Government
Effects of Rule of Law
Hobbes' argument for government
Magna Carta
Principle from Social Contract Theory in American Government
Parliamentary vs. Presidential Government
Power of government concentrated at the central level
Dictatorship with a single, all powerful leader
Distribution of governmental power b/t local and national governments
Government where the Prime Minister can be removed
Baron de Montesquieu's book
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Make a meme about your assigned prompt. Your meme should be puzzle-like and require the person who is reading it to think about the subject matter. Don't use the words from the prompt in your meme, but do include a word or phrase that someone can look up if they don't understand the meme at first.