Imperialism Memes: Period 5
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Imperialism Memes: Period 5
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What are the justifications for European imperialism in Africa?
What is the purpose of the Congress of Berlin?
What are the outcomes of the Congress of Berlin?
How did Ethiopia resist Italian imperialism?
What are the justifications for European imperialism in East Asia?
Why is the Danger of the Single Story important when studying imperialism?
The Sepoy perspective on the rifle cartridges
The British perspective on the Sepoy Rebellion
How does Japan act as an imperial force?
Japanese response to Treaty of Kanagawa
US response to Japan's Closed Door Policy
Chinese response to when the Queen of England doesn't respond to the stop of Opium trade
When someone tries to move out of their caste
How Campbell feels about Oudh
Khan's reaction to forced conversions
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Make a meme about your assigned prompt. Your meme should be puzzle-like and require the person who is reading it to think about the subject matter. Don't use the words from the prompt in your meme, but do include a word or phrase that someone can look up if they don't understand the meme at first.