Content Intern

The ideal candidate will be in NYC, but we’ll consider remote

Apply by emailing [email protected]

Antimatter is building a world for learning. That world...

  • Is intensely visual
  • Relies on creation instead of regurgitation
  • Speaks internet

Why are we doing this? Because the internet is our primary culture now, and we can teach and learn so much better in the language and culture we speak everyday on the internet. We're literally rewriting the textbooks in memes, illustration, shitposts, song, and more.

Antimatter was inspired by the many great educational meme communities on the internet especially r/physicsmemes and @historyinmemes—as well as the use of memes in the classroom—see here, here, and here.

More broadly, we aim to support learning intense audiovisuals and the same language and culture learners use everywhere else on the internet. That means animation, video, shitposting and more. We want the next Hamilton to be produced on Antimatter. The throughline from memes to Hamilton? Learning delivered through contemporary language and culture.

We are early-stage but well-funded by top-tier investors. Our team is NYC and, as this is an expansive, creative endeavor, we greatly value in-person collaboration.

Here's a peek into our product:



We are looking for someone who aspires to gain experience at a startup while doing the thing that every warm-blooded organism loves doing in their free-time: Browsing TikTok. You're going to help us build and curate a product that celebrates the best of extremely dense, cultural learning content across the internet.

More on who you are:

  • You love internet culture. A core principle of Antimatter is that Internet is our primary culture now and you want to be a part of expanding that culture.
  • You want to work in technology and are eager to learn more that would help you work at a technology company. While there are zero technical requirements for this role, we will expect you to be resourceful.
  • You are detail-oriented. One important difference between studying in school and working at a company is that your teammates are counting on you, and your ability to organize so that everyone can move very quickly.
  • You are a warm person that other people like to work with and be with.
  • You love to learn. Antimatter is, above all, a mission to leverage the power and vastness of the internet to enhance learning and education. Your internship will only be successful if you love to learn and you buy into this mission.
  • Everything below makes you laugh and feel happy and optimistic

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Your responsibilities

  • Help us curate a new learning product. This product is still in development and your participation will have a significant impact on the course and success of this product.
  • Reach out to creators. When you identify great emerging creators of short-form learning media, you'll reach out to them about how we can better serve their ambitions.
  • Analyze our product. In conjunction with our team, and leveraging analytics, you'll help figure out what's working, what's not, and how we can improve our product. No prior analytical experience is required, though some proficiency in spreadsheet analysis is a bonus.


This is paid internship, though the compensation is modest.


May - August 2022


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We're building a world for learners that speaks contemporary language and culture