Full Stack Engineer

The ideal candidate will be in NYC, but we're also open to remote

Apply by emailing [email protected]


Antimatter is building a world for learning. That world...

  • Is intensely visual
  • Relies on creation instead of regurgitation
  • Speaks internet

Why are we doing this? Because the internet is our primary culture now, and it’s always better to learn in the language and culture you speak everyday. Antimatter was inspired by the many great educational meme communities on the internet especially r/physicsmemes ,  @historyinmemes,   and @updatingonrome—as well as the use of memes in the classroom—see herehere, and here. Beyond memes, we want the next Hamilton to be produced, collaboratively, on Antimatter.

In a nutshell: Which flashcard is more likely to help you remember who the other astronaut on Apollo 11 was?

Flashcards An Antimatter flashcard vs. a regular flashcard: Who wore it better?

What we need from this role

  • Someone to take us from zero to one. As one of the first full-time engineering hires, you'll have and want an outsized influence in setting our engineering/product culture and process.
  • Someone who can pitch in wherever help is needed. You'll be primarily focused on front end, but we're all pitching in with tasks we've never done before and skills we're learning on the job.
  • Someone who's eager to be a part of learning and education design. You'll work closely with a small team of designers, educators, and fellow engineers to build a mode of learning that's never been done before. You're opinionated about product as much as engineering.


  • You want to have a world-thumping impact on how people learn.
  • You have 2+ years experience in React and 5+ in web engineering. You've also at least taken up interest in WebGL, ThreeJS and d3 because this is a spatial product.
  • You love internet culture. A core principle of Antimatter is that internet is our primary culture now and you want to be a part of expanding that culture.
  • You care deeply about your craft. You organize and comment your code well and appreciate when a designer organizes and names layers well.
  • You are a warm person that other people like to work and be with.
  • You’re eager to work with colleagues who will challenge you.
  • You want to build a great product so badly that you’re eager to talk to as many current and future users that you can.
  • You love to learn so much that you’re going to dedicate the next chapter of your life to helping millions of people learn more effectively and enjoyably.
  • Everything below makes you laugh and feel happy and optimistic

Celsius Middle East Thermodynamic Plasticity Costa Rica Oklahoma Observer Effect Warsaw

** Advisory for people who are early in the career **

If you’re worried that you don’t have the experience or chops, reach out. We’re eager to place bets on people early in their career, whether it’s for the role below or the roles that will be available soon.


Open Roles

We're building a world for learners that speaks contemporary language and culture