Community Manager

The ideal candidate will be in NYC, but we’ll consider remote

Apply by emailing [email protected]

Antimatter is building a world for learning. That world...

  • Is intensely visual
  • Relies on creation instead of regurgitation
  • Speaks internet

Why are we doing this? Because the internet is our primary culture now, and we can teach and learn so much better in the language and culture we speak everyday on the internet. We're literally rewriting the textbooks in memes, illustration, shitposts, song, and more.

Antimatter was inspired by the many great educational meme communities on the internet especially r/physicsmemes and @historyinmemes—as well as the use of memes in the classroom—see here, herehere, and here. But beyond memes, we want the next Hamilton to be produced on Antimatter. The throughline from memes to Hamilton? Learning delivered through ontemporary language and culture.

We are early-stage but well-funded by great investors. Our team is NYC and, as this is an expansive, creative endeavor, we greatly value in-person collaboration.


  • You are a Community Manager who wants to have a world-thumping impact on how people learn.
  • Are on a mission to make a positive impact. We're here at Antimatter because there's nothing we'd rather do than making people smile and laugh while they grow as learners and as humans.
  • You love internet culture. Call it the metaverse, call it whatever you want. A core principle of Antimatter is that internet is our primary culture now and you want to be a part of expanding that culture.
  • You have managed a community for a consumer product in excess of tens of thousands of people.
  • You are a warm person that other people like to work and be with.
  • You’re eager to work with colleagues who will challenge you.
  • You want to build a great product so badly that you’re eager to talk to as many current and future users that you can.
  • You love to learn so much that you’re going to dedicate the next chapter of your life to helping millions of people learn more effectively and enjoyably.
  • Everything below makes you laugh and feel happy and optimistic

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Your mission for the first two years

  • Help us build for the hard side of our network: Facilitating Creation.
  • Be Antimatter's ambassadors to our users. Develop relationships with every creator and other important members of the community.
  • Stimulate the community Generate awareness for new features, new events and user spotlights.
  • Help us develop the metrics that drive growth for our community and figure out the levers to move those metrics.
  • Help us develop the metrics that reflect what we believe to be a healthy community and figure out the levers to move those metrics

Our Values & Principles

We work hard because each of our individual goals are to:

  • 10x in our craft
  • 10x as operators
  • Have a large, positive impact

Operational Speeding

  • Lifted directly from's principles because we can't put it any better: “We run fast. We have to. So always organize your work while you create it. Name files correctly, comment your code, name layers in Figma, stay true to existing style guides. We’re able to run fast because we take those extra seconds in the day to day to stay organized.”

Aligning flow state with responsibility

  • We hire people whose flow states align with what we need from a role and continuously align that flow with everyone’s responsibilities.

We trade in fully-formed ideas

  • We don’t meander through half-baked ideas. We cut off spitballing conversations at the pass and set up meetings and supporting material to make decisions on the topic or idea. Meetings have well-reasoned, strong-ideas-held-loosely decisions presented at the top of meetings.

** Advisory for people who are early in the career **

If you’re worried that you don’t have the experience or chops, reach out. We’re eager to place bets on people early in their career, whether it’s for the role below or the roles that will be available soon.


Open Roles

We're building a world for learners that speaks contemporary language and culture